How to Pray the Rosary in Latin

Why pray the Rosary in Latin? There are many reasons to consider. Perhaps topping this list is the sacredness of the Latin language, which is known for driving away evil and darkness and focussing one’s heart and mind on the goodness and and love of God.

As one of the most powerful set of prayers, it makes sense to have a desire for the ability to pray the Rosary in Latin — one of the most venerable languages of the holy Catholic Church. And we’re going to provide you with the tools to make this happen.

“Latin is a sacred language. And, not only is Latin in scripture, but it’s one of the three languages that is fixed to the instrument of our salvation, which is the cross,” ~ John Shaw.

RosaryMinded has collaborated with John Shaw to create and share a series of videos specifically designed to help you learn how to pray the Rosary in Latin in a step-by-step manner.

Lesson 1 – How to Pray the Rosary in Latin

Lesson 2 – Sign of the Cross, Glory Be & Fatima Prayer in Latin

Sign of the Cross, Glory Be & Fatima Prayer in Latin

Lesson 3 – Lord’s Prayer in Latin; Pater Noster

About John Shaw

John is passionate about music/singing and loves to use his gifts to glorify God. He has been singing since the age of nine, has toured Canada, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Germany, Austria, and across the U.S., and graduated from Concordia University Irvine, studying music and business. He is currently a cantor at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in Costa Mesa. John also enjoys making YouTube videos about the Catholic faith and sacred music.

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